• Brandon Glover

Hard Miscellaneous Crossword


16. abbreviation is OS

18. "fingerprints" of a gun

20. the company behind Playstation

21. Batman's sidekick; also known as Nightwing

23. studio that brought the Minions

28. a company specialized in point and click adventure games for children

30. studio that made Smalfoot

31. do you prefer ____ or cats?

34. Agent 007

35. a way to greet someone

36. Final Fantasy is classified as one of the original RPGs

38. in Japan this is known as Pocket Monsters

41. a compilation of an artist's songs

42. short for "japanese animation"

43. Counter Strike Global Offensive

45. one of the only mammals to lay eggs

46. a farewell

49. Ace Attorney

51. Hidden Leaf Village's current Hokage

53. an internet joke

56. thought of as Marvel's rival

58. a normally stationary object for telling the time

60. follows Sam and Dean Winchester

62. eye protection


1. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

2. term referring to insects

3. Japanese word for Hello

4. popular free-to-play third person shooter

5. first feature-length animated movie

6. board game version of a crossword

7. the company behind X-Box

8. a cube where all sides must be the same color

9. a portable clock

10. on your phone, these are known as .mp3

11. amplifies the sound of your voice

12. emoticon; picture expressing emotion

13. Nintendo IP; Saves a princess from a giant lizard

14. collect 7 to summon Shenron

15. a short 7-second video on a now dead platform

17. a super saiyan who has surpassed the gods

19. Japanese virtual pop idol

22. portable computer

24. the fear of spiders

25. a form of entertainment with rules

26. most popular search engine; they own You Tube

27. japanese word for "heart"

29. the company behind Infinity War and Spiderman

32. a traditional drum; used in the game Taiko no Tatsujin

33. construction toy comprising of colored plastic bricks

37. company behind Sonic the Hedgehog

39. controversial tale following two migrant workers, George and Lenni4

40. Gotham's vigilante

44. abbreviation for first person shooter

47. company behind the Switch and 3DS

48. founded Apple with his friend Steve

50. a stealthy way to listen to music

52. the art of compiling multiple frames to give the illusion of motion

54. member of the Fungi family

55. Spiderman's creator

57. is a ______ a sandwich!?

59. Apple's smartphone

61. essentially live action Archie