• Allison McMIllian

'Fortnite' releases new creative mode

"Fortnite" developers have come out with a new creative mode for players to enjoy. The new mode is still in beta and is limited for some players. If players bought the season 7 battle pass, they had early access to the beta before December 13. Now, everyone can enjoy the new mode.

People who bought the battle pass are able to create their own islands, but players who have not bought the battle pass only have access to other islands through the use of a code.

The point of the mode is to allow players to play with their friends and build their own fortresses and structures. The characters that will be used are the skins players have bought over the entire time they have been playing "Fortnite."

There can be up to 16 other players in the session with you. The island isn't secluded to just you or your friends. Other players can join with a code that is provided. Players can also submit their island design for inclusion into "Fortnite"'s main Battle Royale map. If the map ends up being chosen, it will show up on the Battle Royal map known as "The Block."

The only map that players can build on without the battle pass in The Block island, which can be chosen once players load into creative mode. There will be four different choices for building. Those four choices are the different types of games.