• Jacqueline Walker

Brandon Sanderson publishes new book, "Skyward"

Brandon Sanderson is an American fantasy and science fiction writer who is best known for the "Cosmere" universe, in which most of his fantasy novels are set. Sanderson is also known for finishing Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, “The Wheel of Time.”

Sanderson has now published a book called “Skyward.” The book is 513 pages long and was published Nov. 6, 2018 by Gollancz.

In the book, the human race is crushed and driven almost to extinction. The remnants of the human race are trapped on a planet where they are constantly attacked by mysterious alien Starfighters.

According to Goodreads, “Spensa, a teenage girl living among them, longs to be a pilot. When she discovers the wreckage of an ancient ship, she realizes this dream might be possible…”

If Spensa is able to repair the ship and manage to get the machine to help her, since it seems that the ship, uniquely, appears to have a soul.

Having read three of his books, I can say Sanderson is a really good writer. “Legion," "The way of Kings," and "Word of Radiance” they were really well-written. Those who like the "Cosmere" universe books should check out Sanderson’s book “Skyward.”

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