• Jacqueline Walker

Charlie Puth releases new song, "Patient"

Charlie Puth is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who recently released a new song called “Patient.” The song duration is 3:11, and the genre is pop music.

Doing research, I didn’t really find any comments or interpretations of the song from reliable websites. However, reading the lyrics

you can tell the song is pretty self-explanatory. The song starts off with him apologizing for his mistakes and how he wasn’t there for her when she needed him.

His excuses in the song for his behavior were that he was young, he was dumb, and he was so immature. He asked that she please be patient with him. He swears to her that he is still her's, and how he knows he is not what she needs, but that he will become what she needs as long as she is patient with him and waits for the future.

Puth is saying he's not perfect, and if she leaves, he wouldn't be upset about it because he knows he deserves it.

Just reading the lyrics, you can completely and fully understand what's going on and what he is trying to say. He’s asking that she forgive him for the mistakes he acknowledged in the song. He asks that she be patient, giving him another chance to change and make up for all the bad things he did.

Here is the music video so you can watch and listen to the song