• Tony Herring

Teams in the 2018 College Football Playoffs


No one had played four quarters with Alabama this season until last Saturday when the Tide played Georgia for the SEC championship. The Dawgs indeed played four quarters with them, and the lead changed multiple times, with Bama trailing most of the game. In the end, though, Jalen Hurst got in and staged a comeback with Alabama winning by a touchdown. They have the number one spot in the college playoffs and will face Kyler Murray and the Oklahoma Sooners.


No one in the ACC has figured out a way to stop Clemson's high-powered offense, which is one of many reasons they're still undefeated. However, they're not as dominant as people think: throughout the season they have trailed in some games but have always come back to win each game. I think if they fall behind Notre Dame, they won’t be able to bounce back; however, last Saturday, they easily put away a good Pittsburgh team 41-10.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame isn’t in any conference, but this season they have beaten a number of Power Five teams, including a win over a tough USC team two weeks ago. They will play Clemson for a shot at the National Championship. In my opinion, they have no chance against Clemson's defense


Kyler Murray led the Sooners to a Big 12 Championship and the final spot in the college playoffs; he's also a finalist for the Heisman. This past Saturday, they defeated a team that beat them earlier this season. Besides that game, no one has been able to stop the Sooners' dominance.

[Update: Since this article was published, Kyler Murray won the 2018 Heisman Trophy Award]