• Brandon Glover

Christmas Crossword 2018


1. a hot, chocolatey drink, often served with marshmallows

4. You leave ______ and milk for Santa

5. He stole Christmas!

8. Scrooge's most famous saying

10. a lot of people put up Christmas

12. A snowman who came to life via magic

14. The red-nosed reindeer

15. traditionally placed on the top of the tree

16. they sit under the tree, placed by Santa

17. The big jolly red man himself


2. an animated film about a skeleton who is tired of his own holiday

3. the wife of Santa Claus

6. they pilot Santa's sleigh

7. Where Santa traditionally comes in, also above the fireplace

9. a soft, white blanket comprised of unique flakes

11. also known as the Northern Lights

13. For Santa to come, you must be _____