• Damien Lane

Review: new 'Rainbow Six siege' operators and map

The new operators and Operation coming to "Rainbow Six Siege" will be changing the game completely. The new operators and map came out on Dec. 4, 2018 for all platforms.

Operation Wind Bastion will be bring two new operators, including one named Jalal El Fassi, who is known as KAID and is part of the special force GIGR, which is the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, or the military forces of the Kingdom of Morocco. Jalal was born in Aroumd, Morocco on June 26,1960. Jalal was raised at a young age to be a soldier for the GIGR. He trained in a training facility on Atlas Mountains. The young Jalal joined the GIGR at the age of 18.

Jalal showed his natural leadership on his team and ended up becoming known for the bravery and success of his operations. Jalal was noticed by the Trans-Saharan Counterterrorism Initiative (TSCTP) operation, which led to him joining the Counterterrorism group and got him promotion to Captain. After taking out terrorism for some years and having every operation happen without one problem, Team Rainbow took noticed and offered him an opportunity to join.

KAID is a defender for "Rainbow," and his primary weapon layout will be an AUG A3, TCSG semi automatic 12 shotgun. The new shotgun that KAID has will be a force to be reckoned with. The new shotgun will have slugs and an ACOG on top. The shotgun will have a damage output of 84 damage per round, which makes it a two-hit K.O. The only new sidearm for the new operator will be the 44 AUTO MAG. The new sidearm is a 44 MAGNUM that has a 6X scope on it. Many "Rainbow" players say that the new Operation will make spawn peaking so bad. The new operator will bring new type of gadget that can stop attacker

Sanaa El Maktoubis is the second one of the new operators that came to "Rainbow."

NOMAD was born in 1979 to a wealthy family, and at the age of 19 she joined the Moroccan military. After some time in the military, she raised through the ranks of the army and then joined the special force Groupe d'Intérvention de La Gendarmerie Royale (GIGR). After Sanaa joined the GIGR, she was given the name NOMAD for how much she has traveled from place to place and never has really settled down.

NOMAD then was made a Mountain Infantry soldier for Flintlock exercises and joint missions with Trans-Saharan Counterterrorism Initiative partners. Her skills were shown with GIGR as she took her journey around the world, exploring the Sahara, running through Asia’s rainforests, and surviving in the Arctic Circle, all by the age of 39.

NOMAD's new gadget is called a AIRJAB LAUNCHER. The new gadget uses a repulsion grenade and is a side mount for NOMAD's primary rifles and can be shot on to any surface. This new gadget will prevent roamers from running around and will instead cause them to worry about setting off gadgets and being knocked down to the ground while being disoriented and becoming make easy to picked off by the attacking team.

The primary rifles for NOMAD will be the AK47M and ARX20 with her 44 AUTO MAG. The two new rifles will have good rate of fire and a nice damage output, but people are still trying to figure out which is better. It will be interesting to see how the Rainbow community and pro league will use the new sidearm for the new operators.

The new map of Season 4 is only known as military training facilities that the two new operators have trained at. The new map is in the mountains of Aroumd, Morocco. The building has long hallways and rooms that connect with each other. The map also has many ways to enter the building, as well.