• Hannah Jo & Damien Lane

OneBlood buses return to CHS

The OneBlood bus was back at CHS on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, taking blood donations from students and teachers.

There were a few eligibility requirements for students and teachers to participate in the blood drive. Students were required to weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. The donors also needed to have healthy blood pressure and iron levels. If a donor was 16 years old, he or she needed a completed and signed Parental Consent Form. Also, to donate on the bus, each donor needed to bring an ID and a list of any medications he or she had taken. If a donor did not meet one or more of the eligibility requirements, that person would be deferred from donating that day.

The OneBlood organization was looking to take typically one pint of blood from each student or teacher while he or she was there, but OneBlood would also let people donate two pints of blood or give plasma. If a donor gave two pints of blood or gave plasma they were given extra things for doing so.

The donated blood was sent to a state-of-the-art testing facility so it could be tested for many things. The blood will go through multiple tests to make it is safe for blood transfusion. The tests include a blood cell antibody screen, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis, CHIV 1/2, HTLV I/II, Syphilis, Cholesterol, West Nile Virus, T. Cruzi (Chagas). Certain donations may also be tested for CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and HLA antibody screen.

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