• Allison McMiilian

CHS adding new eSports team

In early 2018, the Georgia High School Association partnered with PlayVS to give every school in Georgia the opportunity to create its own eSports team, according to GHSA Associate Director Penny Pitts Mitchell. Beginning in February 2019, eSports teams at different schools will be competing against each other in three different games: "Rocket League," "League of Legends," and "Smite."

CHS is now starting up its own eSports team. The first informational meeting will be held Friday Dec. 6, 2018, after school in Mr. Layton Smith's room, which is room 44 on the English hall. Mr. Smith, who will serve as the eSports coach at CHS, will be discussing important details, including how to join the team. There will be a fee for each student to join, but there will be fundraisers to help out.

Electronic sports, or eSports, is not just playing video games. Students or players have to communicate with one another to determine strategies of how to go about certain situations. It is also a good way to teach leadership. All these characteristics can be found in any sport.

PlayVS is the official league for high schools who are involved in eSports. This is what students who are involved in the eSports team will be signing onto to play their games competitively.

The first season for this sport starts at the end of February 2019 and ends in April. The game "Rocket League" is played in teams of three. "Smite" and "League of Legends" are played in teams of five, according to PlayVS. According to PlayVS, there will be more games added for students to compete in for future seasons.