• Hannah Jo Claire

CHS National Honor Society tours two colleges

Last week, the CHS National Honor Society went on a field trip to visit two Georgia colleges.

The first college NHS toured was Georgia College in Milledgeville. The group went on a tour of the entire college. The group got to talk to Paige Whigham about her own college experience. Paige Whigham is a CHS alumni who graduated in 2017.

NHS then traveled to Athens and stayed in a hotel in downtown. While exploring downtown, the group attended Cirque Dreams at the classic center in Athens. By attending the Cirque Dreams, the students were able to experience the culture in a college town.

NHS toured UGA's North and Central campus, including sites such as the UGA football stadium and Chapel Bell (see photos above), and while they were there, they met with Grady County admission specialist Blanca Alejandro about admission and financial aid.

During these tours, the group was able to talk with many CHS alumni, including Harley Ponder and Koby Pyrz, who both graduated in 2016; Walter Grant, who graduated in 2017 and is currently a starting linebacker for the UGA football team; and Anna Hester, who graduated in 2018. All CHS alumni listed above currently attend UGA.