• Jacqueline Walker

CHS basketball team holding fundraiser before Christmas break

The CHS basketball team is doing a fundraiser just in time for Christmas. They will be selling CHS apparel, and the order deadline will be Dec. 10, 2018. All orders will be back before Christmas break.

This year, the basketball team decided to use a local business for its fundraiser, partnering with the Ken Young Company. In the past, they usually sold designs put together by the online company Fan Cloth, which gave the basketball team a small percent of the profits.

Leanne Vickers from Ken Young and Coach Hagan put together the designs for the CHS apparel, and for every item sold, the team will benefit $5-$10. The money will be specifically used for the basketball teams' shoes and warm-up equipment and clothes.

If they are able to sell enough of the apparel, they will also get them for the team so that they won't have to pay for both their basketball clothes and shoes and the apparel, so they’ll get it free. Coach Hagan asks that you show your support and that they’ll been grateful for whatever they get.

The Long Sleeve Dri-Fit Black and the Short Sleeve Dri-Fit Red will be $15 dollars each. The Sport Tek Dri-Fit Sweatshirt Black and the Sport Tek Dri-Fit Pants will be $25 dollars each.

For those who are interested in supporting the basketball team and our local business, you can ask any player on the basketball team or a basketball coach to order.

Here is the flyer for the CHS apparel that they will be selling: