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Tom Odell releases new album, song

Thomas Peter Odell, known as Tom Odell, is an English singer and songwriter who has released a new album called “Jubilee Road.” "Jubilee Road" is his third album and documents real life stories of the time he spent living in a house in East London. On the album, there’s a song called, “Jubilee Road.”

The song duration is 5:14. "Jubilee Road" is a valiant celebration of sadness. The song is less bluesy than previous endeavors. According to PopMatters, “Jubilee Road bares an intimate and expressive vulnerability rendering Odell as a viable factor in contemporary pop music."

According to Epress&star, “It’s very personal. Tom wrote it while living in East London. It is all about his street, his neighbors and the things he saw while living there. He has fictionalized the road's name to protect the neighbors’ privacy, but the stories are 100 per cent real.”

According to a dictionary definition, the word "jubilee" means “a special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity.”

"Jubilee Road" was the song that inspired the entire record. According to SongFacts, Odell explained that this song is, "set on a late Friday night at home in London… It's a celebration of community.”

Here is the music video of the song so you can watch and listen to the song.

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