• Shederrian Jones

Jimmy Butler finally traded

What was bound to happen has finally happened: according to ESPN, the Minnesota Timberwolves have traded Jimmy Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Butler was vocal during his time in Minnesota and let it be known he wanted to leave the team. The week before training camp started, Butler told his coach in a meeting that he wanted to be traded.

Butler was not a fan of his young teammates' attitudes. Weeks ago, it was reported the Houston Rockets were in talks to acquire the All-Star, but nothing happened.

As a member of Philadelphia, he make the team a championship contender. The 76ers now join the Warriors as the only teams in NBA with three top twenty players.

Butler will come in and help Philadelphia immediately, especially in the clutch. The 76ers rank 29th in offensive rating during the fourth quarter, and with Butler, their ranking should improve soon.

Philadelphia can now also run isolations and pick and rolls more frequently. Before Butler joined, they rarely ran them due to Ben Simmons' lack of shooting; Joel Embiid is also mainly an inside threat. Butler makes things better, as he can shoot or attack the basket with efficiency.

Last night, Butler arrived in Philadelphia. He told the media the 76ers want to win a championship. Butler stated, “I think the core group of guys that we have will find a way to get it done.” The veteran swingman also promised the Philadelphia fans they will get hard playing from him.

Butler is a free agent this summer, but if Philadelphia can make a deep run in the playoffs again, he may resign long term.