• Damien Lane

Preview: 'Fallout 76'

The new game called "Fallout 76" is an action/role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks which will be released on Nov. 14, 2018. The game so far is only in beta form; those who pre-order the game will only have access to the beta.

The "Fallout 76" beta has received a rating of 4.8/5 by Facebook and 3.5/5 by AllKeyShop.com. The game's beta form is mainly a testing playground for the developers to find out what bugs there are and what glitches need to be fixed, as well, for the game to be solid as possible on launch.

The engine that will be running the game is Creation Engine, which is the same engine as "Fallout 4" had. The engine has been slightly adjusted for the new game to have better graphics and soother mechanics.

"Fallout 76" will take place in West Virginia in the year 2076. The Vault that players start in was closed off to the world on 1776 and opened in 2076, so the player is walking into a unknown world.

"Fallout 4" had a variety of different A.I. to meet and enemies to fight around every corner. "Fallout 76" will be also have plenty of enemies to fight, as well. The game will also not have as many friendly A.I.s in the game as the last game because of Bethesda adding multiplayer to game.

"Fallout" games are known for their powerful armored suits that run off power cores that are a power source. "Fallout 76" will also have the power suits, but how the power suits work will be completely different. The suits will be more rare than before because of the new elements in the game. If a player finds a suit out in the wasteland, the player can climb inside the suit and the suit can be only for that player. When a player gets in a suit of power armor, the suit will only be accessible by the player who got in it first. The player that owns the power armor can leave the power armor anywhere on the map, and if the suit runs out of power, no one can take it.

The game will also have PVP, but Bethesda has added its own way of making the game PVP by having damage dampening. If a player attacks a player, the damage will be reduced. The reason why the damage is reduced is because if a player does not want to engage with the other player, they don't have to. The player will be able to get away from the attacker. If the attacking player is able to kill the other passive player, the aggressive player will be labeled as a murderer in the game with a bounty on their head. The location of the player will be able to be seen for all players anywhere on the map.

If both players engage in combat, the damage reducer will be taken away and set to normal. Every bullet, hit, or explosions from the other player will be taken as full damage. The player that loses the engagement will drop some of their caps (in-game currency), and the junk they have stored. However, the player that dies will not drop their weapons or gear. The player that was killed will also have to choose a spawn location somewhere on the map. If the player does spawn in, the player will have to pay with in-game currency to spawn on their home or spawn free at the Vault.

The player that was killed also can see the spot they where killed on the map and can try to strike back and kill the player that killed them, and the player will get a bonce cap reward when looting them.