• Brandon Glover

Superhero Crossword


1. God of lightning; part of the Avengers

5. One of Marvel's first heroes; now part of Fantastic Four

7. Batman's main villain; hypnotized Harley Quinn into a life a crime

10. Holds power over all the condiments; DC wants to forget about him

13. Logan; does not remember his real name; member of the X-Men;

16. British Captain America; leader of the Union Jacks


2. Bruce Banner; "You won't like me when I'm angry!"

3. Clark Kent; launched to earth before Krypton's destruction

4. Bruce Wayne; parents were killed

6. Tony Stark; Millionaire; owner of Stark Industries

8. Last Amazonian; has golden tiara and lasso; member of the Justice League

9. Seeks out the Infinity Stones

11. Leader of the X-Men

12. Hal Jordan; Only human in the Green Lantern Corps.

14. Great communications expert; can talk to squirrels

15. Peter Parker; was bit by a radio-active spider which gave him his powers

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