• Kade Godwin

James Bond museum opens in the Austrian Alps

Fans of the action-packed "007" film series can now experience "Elements," a first-of-its-kind, immersive museum dedicated to the world of James Bond, past and present. The only way to access this mind-boggling exhibition, however, is by taking a cable car nearly 10,000 feet up the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Soelden, Austria.

True Bond fans may recognize Soelden as the wintry backdrop from action sequences in the 24th James Bond film, "Spectre." This authentic movie location has now been reimagined as a "cinematic installation" that transports visitors inside the universe of the suave British spy.

The overall design of the building gives off a dramatic aesthetic resembling a Bond villain's lair. Creative director for "Elements" and art director for the past four Bond films Neal Callow tells CNN, "We obviously referenced back to the classic design style of the 1960s, '70s, '80s Bond films and the production designer Ken Adam, who did all the beautiful buildings, very big, dramatic shapes, brutal angles, lots of bare concrete and technology."

After arriving on the top of the mountain, the experience begins with guests walking through the “Barrel of the Gun” tunnel, reminiscent of the title sequences and dramatic theme music synonymous with the spy films. Inside the building, the emphasis is put on the dark chambers and overall spookiness of the "lair." The darkened entrance leads into an open-air plaza with floor-to-ceiling windows that offers an incredible view of the surrounding Alps.

Once guests have taken in the spectacular sight, they can enter the Lobby Room, where they will watch a short film outlining the history of the Bond films from the very first one, "Dr. No," released in 1962, to the latest 2015 blockbuster, "Spectre." This room sets the stage for the other exhibits that guests can experience at their own pace.

The remaining rooms/exhibits featured inside the main area of the museum are thematically-based on various departments in Bond's headquarters. The Briefing Room, Tech Lab, Action Hall, Screening Room, and the Legacy Gallery all feature multi-sensory interactive attractions, complete with many iconic Bond props on display. This includes Bond's signature Aston Martin car, as well as the full-size airplane used in "Spectre."

While the museum is permanent, the exhibits will be changed periodically to include items from upcoming "007" movies. Click here to watch a short overview video of this awesome experience.