• Hannah Jo Claire

Apply to College Day to be held at CHS

The CHS Counseling Department will be hosting an Apply to College Day event on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018.

There will be eight representatives from colleges and universities to assist with seniors applying to their schools. Application fees will be waived on this day for seniors interested in applying to those schools.

The eight representatives attending the event will be from the following schools:

  • ABAC

  • Albany State

  • Andrew College

  • Georgia Military College

  • Georgia Southwestern

  • Shorter University

  • Southern Regional

  • Valdosta State

Seniors may sign up in the counselors' office. Seniors will need to check off each school they are interested in applying to.

Counselors are urging students to create accounts at www.gafutures.org if they do not already have accounts. This website gives students an easy way to access applications to many different schools, as well as other opportunities for students and parents.

If you as a student are concerned about the money it will take to go college, complete the FAFSA for financial aid and explore the GA Futures website to help locate what scholarships opportunities are available.

GA Futures gives students access to help in planning their future. This website allows you to explore colleges, enrollment criteria for each college, and even apply to colleges on the website. According to Laura Elliott, CEO of College, Career, Guidance & Student Affairs, "If you haven't created your account yet, now is the time."

Angie Wilson from the Georgia Southern Finance Commission will also be attending this event; she will be on campus from 4-7 p.m. on November 13 to assist parents and students with completing the FAFSA application online.

To complete this application, you will need your parents' 2017 tax information. Completing the FAFSA is free and easy and allows you to access the largest source of federal financial aid which is available to help pay for college.

Colleges not only look at the SAT and ACT scores when applying, they also look at students' grades. Students who have a GA Futures account will be able to view their Hope GPA. The website explains all the eligibility criteria for the Hope and Zell Miller grants and scholarships.

A student can view their award amounts for Hope and Zell Miller by clicking on the award Amount link. This tells you how much money is awarded per credit hour at the Technical College System of Georgia Institutions, Private Colleges in Georgia, and the University System of Georgia Institutions.

"I can't say enough about what the GA Futures website has to offer," Elliott said.

In March 2019, the Counseling Department is planning a College and Career Fair at CHS. Last year 35-40 businesses and colleges participated in the College and Career Fair.

"It is an excellent time to gather information about the different colleges and businesses and make those face-to-face connections. Keep your eyes and ears open for the date, time and location. The College and Career Fair is something you don't want to miss," said Elliott.

Throughout this process, teachers will be helping students to feel comfortable in asking questions about colleges and other options after high school. The doors of each teacher will have a sign including their degrees, military affiliation, and colleges they attended.