• Jacqueline Walker

The untold story of Rhys Lewis

Who is Rhys Lewis?

The basic facts are that he has been a singer and songwriter since 2016, but after hours and hours of research, the only other information that can be found online is that Lewis is from England and was born March 18, 1993, according to famousbrithdays.com. He also has Facebook and Instagram pages.

There is no other background story, no information on his parents or his siblings. However, according to USA Today, was a video where he talked about his evolution as an artist and gearing up for his new tour dated from Oct. 2, 2017.

Lewis said that he was in a band with his brothers as a guitarist and how he didn’t really like singing until he was 16 when he was forced to be in his brothers’ band. Lewis didn’t see himself as a singer, but rather as a guitarist who could only sing a little.

The lead singer of the band, Lewis's oldest brother, left the group, and Lewis was forced to put the band back together. He then took over, and that’s when he really started to get into the singing and songwriting business.

Now, Lewis is a soul singer whose popular single "Waking Up Without You" hit the number one spot on Spotify's viral hits chart. He also had the opportunity to open for pop singer James TW in Holland.

Lewis has written ten songs in the past three years. His recent song is called, "No Right to Love You."