• Mackenzie Dekle

Celebrities campaigning for Abrams in Georgia election

According to The Hill, actor Micheal B. Jordan has been going door-to-door in Georgia to try to convince black voters to turn out for next week's elections. Jordan, who appeared in the movie "Black Panther," is trying to explain why their votes are important in the midterm election.

A spokesperson for a political action committee told The Hill, "Michael is really smart and really committed to using his platform. A lot of celebrities engage in a lot of different ways and what we found really exciting is that Michael wanted to talk to the people and be with the people." The committee spokesperson also made a statement saying they're trying to boost the campaign by making selected ads in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada.

Jordan isn't the only celebrity campaigning for the election in Georgia. Oprah Winfrey and Will Ferrell have visited Georgia to campaign. Oprah has been campaigning for Stacey Abrams, who is seeking to become the first black female governor in U.S. history; Abrams is a Democratic gubernatorial candidate. Actor Will Ferrell has also been to Georgia to attempt to call up volunteers for Abram's campaign.

According to The Hill, "The Georgia governor's race is particularly tight, with RealClearPolitics putting Republican Brian Kemp an average of 1.4 points ahead of Abrams."