• Kade Godwin

Woman's Halloween costume turns into medical emergency

This week, an Alabama woman needed medical assistance after being unable to remove a set of fake zombie teeth from her actual teeth.

Mobile, Ala., resident Anna Tew planned on enjoying Halloween night dressed in a zombie costume, complete with fake rotting teeth. However, when she tried to remove the teeth, they wouldn't budge.

"I was trying to remove them then because they were just tight," Tew told local Alabama news station WKRG. Tew claims to have used the glue that came with the teeth, but apparently something went wrong with the temporary adhesive.

Tew says, "It went on and on and I was trying to get them out, and after it was over with, I tried until it was like 2 o'clock this morning. They wouldn't budge.

"I even took a pair of wire clippers and cut the tips off of those."

After being unsure of whether or not to go the the ER, she eventually decided to consult an emergency dentist. Dr. John Murphy was able to save Tew's teeth Saturday at his office at the Alabama Family Dental.

"He talked about drilling. They had a saw, talked about taking (them) off in sections, and they couldn't numb it because they were scared they would actually pull my teeth out," said Tew. "So he went in and picked and pulled and I squealed like a baby and they got them out."

"Just the natural state of your teeth, and your gums can sometimes cause something to adhere and get stuck," Murphy said.

WKRG reports that Tew said she learned a lesson which she hopes to save others from. She says she will never use them again.