• Jermichael Winn

Two foods that can give you food poisoning

Food poisoning is illness caused by bacteria or other toxins in food. According to www.poison.org, "food poisoning is especially dangerous for infants, young children, elderly people, and those with chronic health conditions or weak immune systems." Two foods which can cause food poisoning are rice, and fish.

Eating rice can sometimes lead to food poisoning. According to healthline, "rice is a high-risk food due to bacillus cereus. Spores of this bacterium can live in uncooked rice, and can grow and multiply once rice is cooked. To reduce your risk, eat rice as soon, as it is cooked and refrigerate left overs immediately." This shows that you should eat rice as soon as it cooked and refrigerate leftovers.

Another food that could give you food poisoning is fish. According to the New South Wales Ministry of Health, "scombroid fish poisoning occurs very quickly after eating the fish usually within 30 minutes but may be up to several hours later. Common symptoms include: a peppery or metallic taste, fishing of the upper body, itching, headache and dizziness, and vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps."