• Damien Lane

'Rainbow Six Siege' Halloween event details

The new event for "Rainbow" will be something the game hasn't featured before and the community has been waiting for after hearing nothing from "Rainbow" about the event. The event was leaked a while back, and "Rainbow" nor Ubisoft said nothing about the leak.

"Rainbow" acted like the leak didn't happen and didn't deny or confirm the rumor. Then, out of nowhere, "Rainbow" released the "Mad House" event with new skins for Operators and brought back the skins from last year, as well, on Oct. 25-31, 2018.

The new skins are only for Finka, Jager, Thermite, Valkyrie, and Vigil. The skins from last year were only for some operators last year, as well, and they were Buck, Ash, Hibana, Mira and Pulse.

The new skins they have released look more detailed, as if Rainbow has put more time into the skins than last year. Last year, Rainbow only released a bundle for Halloween, but the community was still happy with any Halloween-themed content for the game. The event will be will changing the map House into a haunted House for a short amount of time.

The new house makeover turns the normal house very dark, and it is hard to spot anyone. The darkness of the map was increased, and most spots where light was on in the building were are off now. The few lights that were added are random spotlights in the map for a more creepy look for the map.

However, the lights are placed in spots where if someone is in front of the light, the person can't see anything due to being blinded by it. The operator setup is the following: there are three different wall breachers for attackers, and on the defending team, there are no operators to stop the attackers from breaching the walls and getting into the building.

The new event also lets players buy the new skins for the operators with credits or earn some of the some new skins, charms, headgear and outfits for the operators.