• Damien Lane

Review: Battlefield V Open Beta

The "Battlefield V" open beta has come and gone, but fans have learned so much from it. The inter-gaming community has had a uproar about the beta for "Battlefield V." The beta was decent in some ways, such as the gameplay, but things from previous "Battlefield" games were added and taken away from it, as well.

The beta showed that the developers of the game, EA, didn't learn from how "Battlefront" crashed and burned. The game looks like it will have smaller maps than the older "Battlefield" games had before. The developers of the game have also announced that the game will only launch with 30 guns and 11 vehicles. Battlefield players are upset that developers seem to have cut back.

The previous game, "Battlefield 1," had 57 guns and 16 vehicles on launch and only added one more vehicle and two more guns after DLCs were added. The game before "Battlefield 1" was "Battlefield Hardline," which had 73 weapons in the game not including the DLC guns that came later in the year of the release.

"Battlefield V" looks like it also might be bringing back the credit system into the game, which will just make the game pay-to-win. The credits are what the player will use to get guns, skins, or just to have better guns than everyone else. The credit system started in "Battlefield 1," and no one liked it because of it turning into a pay-to-win game. Many players of the game hope that EA will take out a lot of the stuff from last game and make the game like it was before.