• Allison McMIllian

CHS holds Red Ribbon Week assembly with dance performance, guest speakers

(Front row, left to right) Madison Nelson, Kaitlyn Donalson, Iris Brimm, Madison Davie, and Yasmyn Hopkins (Back row, left to right) Isabelle Pomeroy, KT Morgan, Emmarie Lynn, and McKenzie Odum perform as members of the Firm.

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018, CHS held a Red Ribbon assembly with guest speakers Brian Mason and Investigator Chris Luckey. There was even a featured dance from some members Ms. Hannah Harrison's OBCDA Dance Firm of Cairo, Ga. Eighth graders from Grady county's middle schools attended the program, including Washington Middle School.

During the first part of the program, Principal Lokey talked a little about Mason's story. Then, Principle Lokey handed over the microphone to Harrison. Harrison's dance Firm did a dance to symbolize the struggles of coming clean with help.

Mason, a 2001 CHS graduate, started off talking about how he was in the same position as the CHS students attending the assembly: sitting in the gym thinking it wasn't going to be him. He said he didn't expect to suffer from alcoholism or do drugs. However, he said he began using alcohol and marijuana in high school and even began to experiment with cocaine.

When he graduated, he went into the military. He said he couldn't use marijuana in the military because it would stay in his system during random background checks. That is when he switched to cocaine and heavy drinking. Eventually, he got out of the military. When he got out, there was nothing holding him back. He even disappeared for four months from his family. His little girls didn't even

Guest speaker Investigator Chris Luckey

know where he went.​​

He was friends with Investigator Chris Luckey, an investigator in

narcotics. Investigator Luckey said he remembered putting Mason in the back of his car.

After Mason's speech, Investigator Luckey gave his own warning speech about the dangers of drugs and alcohol; he also went into detail about how drugs can be concealed in candy. He even used two students for a demonstration of how drug deals work. He used what look like watermelon sour patch kids.

At the end of the program, Principal Lokey gave Mason a gift bag to thank him for speaking. He then released the students back to class.