• Allison McMIllian

Tech companies, others testing drones for various uses

It has been reported for a while now that Amazon has been testing its new branch, Amazon Air, for years now. Amazon Air is a drone delivery service being being researched and developed by Amazon. However, Amazon is not the only company doing drone testing to help with business through delivery or other ways. There are emergency services which are using drones to help out with people searches.

Scotland police officials say they have started testing drones for human searches, tracking criminals, and traffic incidents. They just recently purchased three drones for $45,503.89. Brecon Mountain Rescue Team said it wants to start testing drones, as well, to reduce response times to incidents.

Microsoft has announced that it is teaming up with DJI, a Chinese drone developer, to produce drones for people to buy. They want to release software, as well. They have released software to train drone fliers to safely travel around obstacles.

The parent company of Google, Alphabet, has also been testing delivery drones in Australia. The drones deliver food from an Australian-based Mexican restaurant, as well pharmaceutical Chemist Warehouse products, according to Tech World.

In 2016, UPS started testing its drones' deliveries to remote locations. The drones launched from an electric van that fitted with a recharging station to extend the battery life of the drones. UPS worked with CyPhy Works to create the drones.

Uber Eats wants to start laying its territory into food delivery with drones. The company wants to work with an operations executive to get drones out delivering by 2019. Uber Eats want to deliver commercially using drones by 2021, according to Fox News.

There are plenty of other companies planning to test or which have already started testing. This includes many restaurant chains in the U.S.