• Jermichael Winn

Three foods to eat while trying to lose weight

Many people are trying to lose weight. Some everyday foods you can eat while trying to lose weight are fish, apples, and popcorn.

Did you know fish is a good food to eat if you're trying to lose weight? According to healthyfish.com, "two well respected studies, one from the american Journal of obesity, concluded that by incorporating fish into your fish into your weight loss diet, not only can you lose more weight, but you reduce your glucose and cholesterol levels. This is key because while other weight loss diets boast results, not many can say they help fight two major factors that contribute to heart disease."

Another food that you can eat and not gain weight is an apple. According to Healthline, "apples are high in water and soluble fiber but low in calories. Eating whole, solid apples may help you consume fewer calories and contribute to weight loss overtime." This shows apple can help you lose weight.

You can also eat popcorn and not gain weight. According to healthyeating.sfgate.com, it's even healthier if it's homemade: "making your own popcorn at home is a healthier alternative that can help rather than hinder weight loss."