• Shederrian Jones

J.R. Smith fined by NBA for Supreme tattoo

Around March 2018, Cleveland Cavaliers Guard J.R. Smith modeled for the clothing brand Supreme in a collaboration with Nike and the NBA.

Last season, during a game against the Lakers, Smith wore a Supreme sleeve. Then in August, Smith got the Supreme logo tattooed on his calf. However, the tattoo didn’t cause controversy until recently.

On Instagram, Smith announced to his followers that the NBA had informed he would be fined every time he played and the tattoo was visible. In the post, he spoke about feeling singled out for his tattoos and how the NBA doesn’t make other players who have logos tattooed cover them up.

Cleveland.com reports that when Smith was asked if he had spoken with the league about the tattoo, he replied, “No I don’t talk to the police. That doesn’t do anything for me”

According to NBA spokesman Mike Bass, “NBA rules prohibit players from displaying any commercial logos or corporate insignia on their body or in their hair.”

This has been an issue rarely except for one time when Iman Shumpert, Smith’s former teammate, was forced to cut the Adidas logo out of his flattop haircut. However other players who have unrelated logos that don’t involve the NBA aren’t forced to cover theirs. Kyrie Irving has the logo of the TV show “Friends” and Carmelo Anthony has the “WB” tattooed for Warner Brothers.

The Cavaliers have their season opener on October 17 against the Toronto Raptors. Until then, we can only wait and see how things go between J.R. Smith and the NBA.

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