• David Smith

Blue button jellyfish wash up on Jersey Shore

Recently, New Jersey beachgoers discovered small blue dots that caught their eyes. They then started to take photos, and it blew up all over social media.

The creatures look oddly similar to a small jellyfish. "The odd-looking creatures were shades of green and blue and had long, dark tentacles," according to Fox News. They were carefully measured by marine biologists, who also made other inspections. They measured only about one inch in diameter.

A woman named Suzanne Schenker added photos on a Facebook page called "New Jersey Jellyspotters," where around 800 people caught a glimpse of the rare creatures. If the Blue Buttons are spooked, they will leave a turquoise trail on the sand, which was observed by marine specialists.

"Marine biologist Paul Bologna, confirmed that the scientific name of this creature is porpita porpita," according to Fox News. The creatures can normally be found around the coastline of Florida, which confused most people.

"Bologna said powerful winds from Hurricane Florence probably pushed the tropical jellyfish north," according to the report.

Blue button jellyfish are often compared to Portuguese man of-war, though they pack a considerably less powerful sting. According to beachhunter.net, "humans do not feel a sting when coming into contact with Blue Buttons," but they may feel "either stinging or skin irritation."

"If residents spot any more blue buttons, Bologna asks that they store them — in a jar of ethanol, or in a Ziploc bag or jar with rubbing alcohol — so researchers at MSU can collect DNA samples," according to Fox News.