• David Smith

Police helicopter breaks up tailgate crowd at Penn State game

On Oct. 29, 2018, while Penn State football was facing OSU, tailgaters began to grow out of control. A helicopter was then sent to control the crowd to prevent any harm to hundreds of people.

Once the helicopter arrived to control the crowd, it got too close and began sending debris flying into the air. There were also police on horses to control the crowd, but they weren't able to get control of the crowd.

According to Fox News, "One state trooper suffered a broken wrist while trying to arrest a man who allegedly struck a state police horse that had been summoned to break up a party," according to agency spokesman Ryan Tarkowski.

The cops on foot were then pulled back to decrease the chances of one of the officers getting hurt. The helicopter later arrived and began to blow debris everywhere. The helicopter passed the crowd two times before the situation was handled.

On the first pass, the "loud speaker" was not able to be heard from the altitude the helicopter was at. It was a risky decision, but they flew over, and the crowd of tailgaters were able to hear the loud speaker.

According to Fox News, "One witness, who said he was in the area when the helicopter arrived, told OnwardState.com his car was scratched by debris and a female guest was cut on the face."

According to FoxNews "Following the use of the helicopter, the dangerous behaviors dissipated," police said.

Here below is footage by one of the witnesses recording the helicopter tossing debris everywhere