• Kade Godwin

Mayor of Cairo settles in to new office

The recently elected mayor of Cairo, Brooker Gainor, was finally granted access to an empty office space at City Hall, as a place for him to manage all of his mayoral duties, on Sept. 24, 2018.

The 28-year-old, Florida A&M University graduate was elected nearly 10 months ago, on Nov. 7, 2017, but has yet to have an official space to work until now.

Previous mayors and council members have worked from their home or work offices to perform city business. However, Gainor's current job requires him to be in multiple places throughout the day, so this wasn't an option for him.

According to WTXL, since Gainor has been elected, he has been asking the city council to allow him to use the empty office on the second floor of City Hall. Each time he asked, the answer was always "no."

Fortunately though, over the past several months, he has garnered the respect and admiration from council members and citizens alike, which led to the council unanimously voting to allow him to use the office space.

Gainor said in an interview with WTXL, "It's to do certain things of soliciting my city. We are the hospitality city. In other cities and municipalities, it's an honor and a privilege to visit the mayor's office. It's also a tool of motivation for the youth to say, 'Hey, we visited the mayor's office today,' to where you can plant a seed in them that may inspire them, not only to be a mayor, but to persevere in whatever their goal is."

Mayor Gainor stated that the office is not just for him, but it's also for future mayors who will come after. That way, each one will have a specific place to reflect on city issues and ways to resolve them.

The office is currently bare, but Gainor said he is going to remodel it to reflect his Cairo Syrupmaker and FAMU Rattler pride.