• Damien Lane

New fan-made Jason 'Never Hike Alone' released

"Never Hike Alone" is a fan-made film about the famous horror character Jason Voorhees. The film was directed by Vincente DiSanti and edited by Sarah D. Cole and Sarah C. DiSanti. It is available to watch on YouTube.

The film timeline placement is around today, and all people know about the Camp Crystal Lake are all rumors now.

The main character of the film is Drew Leighty, who plays a hiker in the film who goes for a hike around a lake on his hiking map.

As he is setting up his tent, he notices a trail marker, but it isn't on the hiker map. Drew took the trail thinking it could be a shortcut around the lake. The trail came to an end by a barbwire fence with a sign saying "no trespassing" after walking half a day to get there. He decided to step over the fence and keep going. After walking further, he found the old camp sign while he was setting up his tent. He learned that camp is real but didn't show any fear.

Drew started looking around the camp, going through the cabins. As he was looking through the cabins, he found a crime marker and was wandering why is was there. He pulled back the shower curtain and found something he wished he didn't see. He decided to stay in the lunchroom cabin because of the fireplace it had and learned all the rumors about Jason were real.