• Jacqueline Walker

Karen Cleveland releases new book, 'Need to Know'

Karen Cleveland is an American author and former CIA analyst who has written a new book called “Need to Know.” The genres of the novel are fiction, thriller, suspense, psychological thriller, and spy fiction.

The novel is about a Russian spy on U.S. soil who uncovers a dangerous secret that will test the loyalty of the protagonist, whose name is Vivian, to the agency and to her family.

The book begins with Vivian at the computer at home, trying to make a decision of whether she should turn her husband in or not, for being a Russian spy.

According to GoodReads.com, “After accessing the computer of a potential Russian operative, Vivian stumbles on a secret dossier of deep-cover agents within America’s borders. A few clicks later, everything that matters to her—her job, her husband, even her four children—are threatened." The website also says, “Vivian has vowed to defend her country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. But now she’s facing impossible choices. (She’s) torn between loyalty and betrayal, allegiance and treason, love and suspicion.”

Those who love thrillers, suspense, or just the author themselves should go and check it out. The novel has 209 pages, and it has 25 chapters.