• Damien Lane

'Dead Island 2' may be finally coming out

"Dead Island 2" was set back a lot of times since 2014 and was put under wraps by Deep Sliver. The game comes for the series of "Dead Island" that started back in 2011 that ran off the engine. The first game that came out was "Dead Island," which placed a player or four friends who play as the four main characters of the game. The theme of the game was zombies, and the game would take the players through a survival horror, action, role-playing video game.

The game took off, selling five million copies; a a sequel to the game called "Dead Island RipTide" was then made. The game just added more to the story of what happened to the four main characters of the first game.

"Dead Island 2" was originally supposed to be out back in 2014. The developer, Yager Development, parted ways halfway through the game development. A new developer called Sumo Digital took the spot of Yager Development in March 2016. The game development was made a secret by Deep Silver to make sure the new developer would be able to build the sequel of their classic game "Dead Island" without any difference of vision of the game.

There was silence about the game until another game was released called "Dying Light." A lot of people thought the game was the sequel to "Dead Island" because the original developers of "Dead Island" helped make it. Deep Silver denied the rumors and said the game was in the works still. After hearing that the game was still in the works, people started tweeting to "Dead Island" and asking about the game. "Dead Island" told them that the game is in the works but there is no ideal release date for the game and to check back at a later time.