• Damien Lane

CHS Math of Finance class takes trip to local bank

The CHS Math of Finance class took a trip to a local bank called Ameris Bank on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018. The class is taught by Mrs. Meissner, who took her second block class on the trip to learn in the field about banking.

The class was given a tour and asked the bank manager, Melissa Wilder, many questions about the bank, such as how old they would have to be to start an account at the bank.

The students even had questions about which account would be best if they were trying to save up for something. One student asked Wilder what type of account would be best if she wants to save but has a bad habit of using that money for things she doesn't need. Wilder told her a savings account would work for her because if the user of that account tried taking money out the account, the bank would charge a fee to take it out.

The class was interested in learning about loans, as well. The students asked about how large of a loan a person can out at the age of 18. All the manager said was that a person needs to have a good credit score, and the best way to have good credit score is to always pay bills and loans off.

The bank manager even took students on a tour of the bank, letting students follow her to the back of the bank, where she showed them how the drive-thru system worked from the inside and what the workers did at the drive-thru. The manager showed where businesses dropped off late-night deposits and where the deposits go. She showed the students how the off-hours deposits would fall into a safe that is fully concreted to the floor.

The manager also showed the students the small offices where customers can sit down and make an account, as well as the bank's safe vault. The vault is made up of three different rooms; the first room has a one-foot thick steel door with heavy duty bolt locks and a second smaller door behind it. The first room is filled with small boxes with locks on them. The manager told the students that one box would have two keys. One key she would have, and the other the owner would have, but the keys would have to turn at the same time to open the box.

The vault's second room was just a filler to put more protection for the part of the vault that holds the money. The last part of the vault was where all the money was in the bank. The students were not allowed in the last part due to safety reasons, but the manager did say how much money was in each bag: $2,000 in quarters.