• Shederrian Jones

Top 5 greatest NBA point guards of all-time

Throughout the history of the NBA, there have been many great Point Guards. However, the ones we are about to discuss were not only great but changed the NBA and inspired generations.

To start off the list at number five is Isiah Thomas. Thomas is the only player with a winning playoff record better than Jordan, Magic, and Bird combined. During his heyday, Thomas was an unbelievable scorer who was known for his aggressiveness on defense. Thomas played his best basketball in the playoffs. He led the Detroit Pistons to the NBA championship three times, winning two of them. His most memorable playoff moment came against the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1988 finals. In game 6, Thomas scored 26 points in the third quarter while playing on a broken leg. When his career was over, Thomas had 12 All-Star Selections, two championships, and a career scoring average of 19.2 points per game.

Next on the list at number four is John Stockton, who is the greatest passer of all time. Stockton holds most every passing record in league history. Stockton lead the NBA in assists for nine straight seasons. According to Basketball Reference, 15,806 was his assist total after he retired; the number is 3,751 more than second place. Stockton also is the NBA’s all-time leader in steals. He played a gritty defense which some considered dirty. He never won a championship, but his longevity is what made him good. Stockton played in 19 NBA seasons and was consistent in all 19 of them.

Number three is Oscar Robertson, who until Russell Westbrook was the only player to average a triple double for a whole season. During the 60's he averaged a triple double for a five-year stretch. Robertson was ahead of his time, which is evident in his scoring averages. In the 60’s Robertson averaged 30 points six times and was named the league's MVP in 1964. His size made him unguardable for the point guards of his era, as he dominated the boards like a big man. Robertson is also the best passer of his era, as he lead the league in assist seven times. 1971 was the year he won his first and only championship, on The Milwaukee Bucks.

Number two on the list, Magic Johnson was a winner and the second greatest passer ever. Johnson was a 6’9" point guard who was too tough to guard. Due to his size, he was able to play any position on the floor. During game six of the 1981 NBA finals, a rookie Magic Johnson played center for the injured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. When the game ended, Magic had 42 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists. This showed how unfazed he was as a rookie: his combination of size, skill, and speed was rare for someone his size. Johnson was also loved by his teammates, who played better if Magic was on the court. Magic also has the most championships and MVPs of anyone on the list, with five championships and three MVPs.

Number one is Jerry West, who is pictured above. He may not have the accolades, but arguably he had the best talent. West was a dynamic scorer who averaged 27 points for his career, which is sixth all time and higher than anyone on the list. "Mr. Clutch" was his nickname, and it wasn’t for nothing, as West has the most points all time in NBA Finals history. In the 1969 NBA finals, West played so well he was named the Finals MVP even though his team lost. That should tell you how great he was as a player.