• Jermichael Winn

SAGE Club growing at CHS

SAGE is the Student Advocate of Georgia Education. SAGE started as the GTE club at Cairo High School in 1973. It was changed to the SAGE club by Shirley Brown in 1975.

Harold Edwards, who teaches science here at Cairo High School, took over SAGE two years ago, but Regina Mitchell, Vanessa Dawson, Coach Cooper, and Royale Armstrong also help out with the club from time to time.

The Red and Black spoke to Mr. Edwards and asked why he wanted to be the adviser for SAGE. He said that at first he just wanted to help Mrs. Brown, but over time, he realized that Cairo High School students had a need for the kinds of experiences the club could provide.

Growing up on the south side of Tallahassee, Fla., Mr. Edwards said many young people in his community didn't have many opportunities like those that SAGE club provides, so he is trying to give our students more opportunities to make it on the right path.

Some of the opportunities that SAGE provides for its 75 current members are touring different colleges and helping CHS students find college scholarships. This year, SAGE will also be having a club scholarship which its members can apply for.

This is Michael Addison's first year as SAGE president, but Michael has been a member since his freshman year. The reason Michael Addison wanted to be SAGE president was because he felt that SAGE was "slowly going downhill" and felt that he would be "a great leader to up-build the things that were lost."

The other officers for SAGE for 2018/2019 are the following: Ta'keria Smith, vice president; Alexandria Mack, secretary; Tavares Hart and Tye Richardson, planning committee; Jade Hubbard, connections advisor; and Gavin Garland, public relations.

SAGE was responsible for starting the first school-wide Black history program at Cairo High School in 2017.

SAGE gives students different viewpoints on life. Personally, before I joined SAGE last year and went on the field trip to FAMU, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to college, but the experience changed my mind and made me want to go to college.