• Allison McMIllian

Southern fall fashion trends for 2018

As fall 2018 begins, people are already starting to shop for their fall outfits. The trends for this year are stunning and include dark and bright colors of red, yellow, and orange. Because the heat is outrageous in the South even for fall, people have come up with some stunning outfits to survive the heat but also fit into fall fashion.

One of the best ways to go into fall is with a cardigan or vest. It might be too hot at the moment, but later into fall, it will start to cool down. Going with a brown or green vest over a plain colored shirt is a beautiful way to enter into fall. If you do not feel like wearing a thick vest, you could go with a light-colored thin cardigan with a medium-to-dark shirt that has fall colors.

Another way to give yourself the fall look is with a small or mid-size purse. They seem to be really in fashion. Gold accessories are a good way to enhance the colors of your outfit. Watches, long necklaces, and bracelets are a good option. Brown tinted sunglasses give you a fall look and also enhance and match your outfit.

Ripped jeans or dark colored jeans are the go-to for this fall. With ripped jeans, people typically wear booties, or ankle boots. With regular dark-colored jeans, people tend to wear knee-high boots.

Hair is a major part of fall. Around this time of year, people tend to dye their hair darker colors and put in highlights and lowlights. Brown hair is the most popular, and blonde is the second most with dark roots. Some people even get their hair cut shorter or mid-length.