• Jermichael Winn

Effects of cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are becoming more common and are known as one of the worst headaches a person could ever experience. Cluster headaches usually target one side of the head around the eye of the person experiencing the pain. One out of 1000 people in the U.S. experiences cluster headaches.

The pain occurs multiple times a day, lasting many minutes to hours until the pain reduces. Symptoms include a runny nose and swelling and redness of the eye. The headaches can begin after the person has been around strong smells like perfume or alcohol.

Cluster headaches can run down through family generations through genes that aren't yet known. According to medicalnewsroday.com, "Having cluster headaches affects many of the people who experience them in many ways including losing their social life, friends, family, and jobs."

Many people who have cluster headaches have to carry nasal inhalers and have more than one oxygen tanks at home. There are no cures that will completely stop the pain of the headaches; even an injection of sumatriptam will only reduce the pain.