• Shederrian Jones

WR Josh Gordon traded to the Patriots

Gordon was once a tremendous talent, and although he’s not what he once was, if he can stay healthy, Gordon will be valuable to New England. While in Cleveland, his best season came in 2013. Gordon led the league in receiving yards and was named All Pro that same year.

After that season, numerous off-the-field choices hurt his career. In the next three years, Gordon only played five games and was suspended during the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Who knows if Gordon could have continued his excellent play from 2012 into the next few seasons. Though he hurt himself with his off the field troubles, on the field he never had a reliable quarterback or a good coach. In the years he did play, the Browns never had a talented starter.

His luck will change with the Patriots, as he is about to start playing with Tom Brady. Brady is a future Hall of Famer who tends to make his receivers better. In the past, when people thought Randy Moss was done, Brady changed the people’s perception. Moss had a career revival in New England.

Another benefit for Gordon is playing under Bill Belichick, who is arguably the greatest coach of the decade. Belichick has made the playoffs 17 years straight. The coach is known to get the best out of his players, as in 2000 when Tom Brady got hurt and he managed to win 11 games with the backup quarterback.

Josh Gordon has all the tools to succeed in New England. It’s up to him to take advantage of everything he has.