• Camron Davis

Elon Musk reveals first 'Moon Loop' tourist

Elon Musk's company, SpaceX, is on its way to develop the first trip to the moon since 1972. Yusaku Maezawa, owner of the online clothing store "Zozotown" and self-made Billionaire, is set to be one of the people to travel around the moon thanks to Musk's company.

Maezawa said during the reveal that "I want to share these experiences...with as many people as possible. So, that is why I choose to go to the moon—I choose to go to the moon with artists."

Maezawa has a net worth of over $2.9 billion and is known to collect expensive art. According to the Verge, "he spent $110.5 million on a 1982 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat called Untitled last year."

Maezawa will be taking the voyage, along with "six to eight artists from around the world." They will be traveling in, what Musk calls, a BFR which stands for Big Falcon Rocket. The rocket will be larger than the SaturnV rockets used in the 1970's, standing 40 stories tall.

The Verge reported that, "Musk anticipates the flight will last between four and five days as the tourists trace a figure-eight around the Earth, the Moon, and back again."

This recent news has sparked online debate as many people are questioning the purpose of this trip and how available space travel should be to the average person. Forbes stated in an article that "if space travel is to be truly transformative, it must benefit society at large in the same way that roads, trains and even commercial air travel serve the social good."

The date for the launch is expected to be sometime in 2023, according to SpaceX.