• Kade Godwin

Cairo man's death ruled as homicide

Local and state officials are leading an ongoing investigation into the death of 60-year-old Cairo resident Willie Bell.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials ruled Bell's death a homicide on August 10, 2018. Bell was found dead by a construction worker lying face-up in his front yard, which is located on the 600 block of 15th Street, according to WTXL.

The worker, whose name will not be released, said that after he and his co-workers got back from lunch, he noticed Bell's dog was not on his leash. He then proceeded to grab the dog, and that's when he noticed Bell lying dead .

The man, who stated that he was previously a medic for over 25 years, checked Bell's vitals, and when he was unable to find a pulse, called authorities.

It wasn't until later that Cairo Chief of Police Keith Sandedur noticed Bell had sustained multiple gun shot wounds. Sandedur explained, "You see the construction area that we are in, it's a very muddy area, there is water everywhere and we just did not see it until further investigation."

Investigators have yet to release where or how many times Bell was shot.

The G.B.I. were notified and immediately launched an investigation.

According to WALB10, Agent Jamy Steinberg with the G.B.I. said that no arrests have been made, and this is an active and ongoing investigation.

Sandedur stated that he was shocked this type of crime happened in his community.

"This is upsetting for the entire community and we just don't have this type of crime here. And to have any type of loss, we are very sorry to the family and to the entire community," said Sandedur.

G.B.I. Agents and Cairo Police are still searching the area in hopes of identifying and interviewing more possible witnesses as well as collecting evidence... Anyone with information is urged to call G.B.I. Thomasville at 229-225-4090 or the Cairo Police Department at 229-378-3096," according to WTXL.