• Kade Godwin

Architect unveils plans for new Cairo Police HQ

Early plans for a new Cairo Police Department headquarters were met with approval on Monday night, Sept. 11, 2018.

Greg Smith, co-president and manager of James W. Buckley and Associates architectural firm, in Albany, Ga., presented a set of designs to Cairo City Council members at their latest meeting.

According to the Thomasville Times-Enterprise, the building will be roughly 11,000 square feet and could potentially cost a projected price of $3.3 million (without interior furnishing), based on talks Smith had with contractors who have built similar buildings.

There are still many things that have yet to be decided about the final design of the station, but several new ideas brought up at the meeting are being taken into consideration and will possibly be added into the schematics.

Once complete, it will take up to 60 days to finalize bid documents and get all legal aspects in order.

The final design will be reviewed on December 10, 2018.

If everything goes according to plan, construction should begin in February of 2019 and will take nine to 10 months to build.

Cairo Police Chief Keith Sandedur and city council members alike have all expressed positive feedback for the early schematics.

Chief Sandedur stated that he was pleased with the floor plans, as well as traffic flow "from day one." He even allowed some of his officers to make suggestions on the early designs, which he then passed on to Smith.

According to the current blueprints, the main entrance will face Third Avenue, and parking will be along the right-hand side of the building, on the corner of Third Avenue and First Street.

The architectural style of the headquarters will reportedly fit in with traditional Cairo style buildings.

The interior will have six different cubicles for officers, larger storage for evidence, and two holding cells.

“This will be twice the size of what we have now,” Chief Sandedur said.

The project also could lead to a streetscape project, with sidewalks, pavers and lighting, for part of the street, Smith added.