• Allison McMillian

Editorial: Why taking the SAT or ACT is important

Everyone hears about the ACT and SAT during high school, but how important is it really? It is very important because it is a deciding factor on what college you will get accepted to and what scholarships you may be able to receive.

When you think about going to college, you will typically have to fill out an application and send in your transcripts. Now, if you haven’t taken an entrance exam or the ACT or SAT, there is a high chance that the college your applying for is going to make you take it. They need to see where you stand on your testing capabilities to determine your classes. You cannot get into college without taking one of the tests.

The higher you make on the tests, the more likely you’re are going to be able to get into the college. Some colleges shorten their application lists just by your scores. That is why it is important to make the highest score you can to be guaranteed a spot in the college.

Test scores can also help you get scholarships. When applying for scholarships, the application might ask for your testing scores. Test scores can help you get merit-based scholarships and other scholarships, as well.

The scores go way beyond GPA. Some colleges may take into consideration your ACT and SAT score rather than your GPA you made in high school. So, if you didn’t have a high GPA during your high school time, you still have a chance at getting into college.

This next thing that the SAT and ACT can help you with might surprise you. Some companies require your SAT and ACT scores to get a job with them. Some believe that if a person has a better testing score than most, they are better in the work place.