• Brandon Glover

CHS Art Club holds fundraiser, plans trip to the High Museum

On Friday, September 7, 2018, the CHS Art Club started a fundraiser. The club was selling tumbler cups with football team logos and various other designs on them. The fundraiser ended the next Friday.

The cups were $15 each and were to help pay for the next art club field trip, whch will be to the Atlanta High Museum of Art. After visiting the museum, students will go to the Lenox Mall to shop and then eat. The trip costs $160 for each individual member. The $160 will pay for the gas, museum entry costs, and food from the mall’s food-court.

Lewis Chiel, the club's treasurer, said that the club has raised "around $1,160 all together.” The club members said that they are all looking forward to the trip and hope to have a lot of fun.

Cairo High School’s Art club is a very hands-on club run by Ms. Vasquez. Ms. Vasquez said that “last year the club went on over 12 trips, both local and far.”

Club dues to join the Art Club are $10.

The officers of the 2018 Art club are Gerald Corker, the president; An Nguyen, the secretary; Lewis Chiel, the treasurer; and Jessica Perales, the historian.

An Nguyen said that “the club gets more and more members every week.”

In the summer of 2017, the Art Club hosted a Summer Art-Camp for children to draw, paint, sculpt, and just let their creativity flow, in general.