• Allison McMillian

Apple struggles to sell iPhone in Asian markets

Apple is struggling to sell iPhones in China, other Asian markets, and in India due to competition and prices. The struggle with China is that it is advanced. Almost everyone has a phone there, but in other areas of Asia it is the opposite. There are hundreds of millions of people who have never bought a phone, but Apple will not take advantage of it, according to CNN. Apple is struggling to sell in India due to the iPhone's high price.

The world's two biggest markets are in India and China, but Apple only sells about two percent of iPhones in India. In China, they only account for eight to 10 percent. Sales in other Asian markets are so low that the highest percentage is in Thailand at eight percent.

In China, the phone makers Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi control 80 percent of the market. Huawei is the second biggest phone brand right behind Samsung at this time. It is ahead of Apple.

"In recent years Apple has slid quite a lot in the Chinese market," said Canalys researcher Mo Jia. "The very aggressive tech innovation from Chinese brands is changing the high-end landscape."

India is one of the most expensive places to buy an iPhone. The iPhone X costs $1,700 there. Most Indians only earn $2,000 a year at most.

"People don't even spend so much on their TVs and other consumer durables," said Kaur of IDC.

Samsung and Xiaomi both make their phones in India and dominate the market there. Apple is now losing the wealthier Indians, as well. Low-end phones are starting to become a trend with Apple at the moment. Facial recognition will be added to the lower-end models. This may drive up the price of iPhones but might be appealing to the Asian market. Apple may even lower the older phones' prices for that new line.