• Hannah Jo Claire

CHS holds auditions for upcoming Fine Arts Holiday Celebration

This past Saturday, September 8, 2018, CHS held tryouts for the Fine Arts Holiday Celebration. Tryouts started at 9 a.m. and ended around 11 a.m. Auditions were free of cost.

Washington Middle School and Whigham Middle School theatre, dance, and choral students were invited to participate, as well.

The vocal director was Ms. Edwards, the dance director was Ms. Harrison, and the theatre directors were Ms. Bock and Mrs. Harrell.

Mrs. Edwards, the vocal director, has said "Saturday's audition workshop was a huge success. Students gained valuable insight on how to prepare and perform for musical/theatrical auditions."

The audition workshops were geared toward preparing an actor, singer, or dancer to hone their skills. "Acting is like a muscle; you need to constantly flex that muscle to keep it in shape," said Ms. Landrie Bock, Drama teacher at CHS.

Students who were interested in auditioning had the opportunity to participate in a dance call, song preparation, and monologue preparation. Students had to come prepared knowing they would have to participate in all three disciplines. The monologues and sixteen-bar music were also provided.

Ms. Bock said, "even if you do not choose the arts as a career, audition preparation can assist you with other careers."

The audition workshops also prepare you in case you have to prepare a presentation for a large auditorium of shareholders; you will have the skills needed to prepare, learning and memorizing parts, if not all, of your presentation.

"Learning how to present yourself can assist many ways on and off the stage" said Ms. Bock.

Mrs. Edwards was very proud of the work the Fine Arts Instructors are providing and is very excited about the excellent of the performers of the students will perform in the upcoming production.