• Tony Herring

Week 2 college football rankings

According to the AP polls, these are the current college football rankings.

1. Alabama

It is easy to see why Alabama is ranked number one for the second week in a row. They destroyed Louisville this past weekend.

2. Clemson

The Tigers looked very impressive this weekend, beating Furman 48-7. This week they face Georgia Southern.

3. Georgia

The Bulldogs destroyed Austin Peay 45-0 this past weekend. This week, they face 24th ranked South Carolina.

4. Ohio state

Ohio State put 77 points on Oregon State this past weekend. This week, they face TCU, who are ranked 16th in the country.

5. Wisconsin

The Badger beat Western Kentucky 34-3 this past weekend. This week they play BYU.

6. Oklahoma

The Sooners destroyed Florida Atlantic this past weekend, winning by 49 points. This week, they face unranked Iowa State.

7. Auburn

Auburn beat a tough Washington team this past weekend, which moved them up in rankings. This week, they play number 11th ranked LSU.

8. Notre dame

This past weekend, Notre Dame beat Michigan 24-17 to get a top ten ranking. This weekend, they play Vanderbilt.

9. Washington

Losing to LSU in a close game puts Washington at number nine on the AP polls. This week, they play an unranked Utah team.

10. Stanford

The Cardinals beat San Diego State this past weekend and will now play an unranked UC Davis team. However, next week they play ninth ranked Notre Dame.

11. LSU

Everyone in the country was anticipating the Tigers to jump in AP polls, but I don’t think anyone expected them to be number eleventh. This weekend, they play number nine ranked Auburn.

12. Virginia tech

Virginia Tech dominated Florida State's offensive line to keep them out the end zone, ultimately beating them 24-3. This week, they play East Carolina.

13. Penn state

Last week, Penn State survived a battle with Appalachian State, beating them by a touchdown. This weekend, they play Kent State.

14.West Virginia

Last weekend, West Virginia beat Tennessee 44-3. This weekend, they will encounter NC State.

15. Michigan state

Last weekend, Michigan State beat Utah state by a touchdown. This weekend they play unranked Indiana.

16. TCU

Last weekend, TCU beat Southern University 55-7. This weekend, they play the SMU Mustangs.

17. USC

The Trojans played the UNLV Rebels, and they beat them 43-21. This weekend, they play ten-ranked Stanford.

18. Mississippi state

The Bulldogs beat Stephen f. Austin 63-3 last weekend, but this week might be different as they take on Kent State.

19. UCF

Central Florida beat Connecticut 56-17 last weekend. This weekend they play a tough South Carolina team.

20. Boise state

Boise State easily beat Troy 56-20 last weekend. This week, they face unranked Connecticut.

21. Michigan

Michigan had a tough loss to Notre Dame last week in a close game, 17-24. This weekend they play Western Michigan.

22. Miami

Miami suffered a tough lost to Auburn sunday night, but this week they get a chance to redeem themselves when they play Savannah State.

23. Oregon

Last week, the Oregon Ducks beat Bowling Green 58-24; the Ducks are currently ranked 1st in the PAC-12 North division. They play San Jose State this weekend.

24. South Carolina

The gamecocks beat Coastal Carolina 49-15, but this week they play number three ranked Georgia.

25. Florida

The Gators beat Charleston southern 53-6 in a blowout last weekend; however, this week they play 1-0 Kentucky.