• Damien Lane & Allison McMillian

ULO "Owl" camera released with new features

The ULO camera has been around since 2016 and has been on Kickstarter trying to build money for the product. The little owl camera took off, making $1.6 million off of Kickstarter only in 60 days. When the Kickstarter was first created, the producers promised that a lot of things would be built into the camera, but the final version of the product was slightly different. The final version of the product was finally released in January 2018 and was priced at $212, according to asecurecam.com, where you can purchase the owl camera for yourself if you're interested.

According to the product's official website, the camera could be used as a doggy cam, a baby cam, or just to watch your house when you're away. The fact that it looks like an owl helps disguise it and could make an intruder mistake it for a toy.

The final version of the ULO camera lost some of the things it was promised but also gained some new features added to the little owl. The ULO was got a 1.38" LCD screen instead of 1.38" LCD. The owl camera resolution was promised to have 1080p but only got 960p. The gadget was said not to have bluetooth but ended up getting it anyway for someone to use the camera with their phone. The camera was also promised to be usable outdoors and inside, but the final product was only able to used indoors and was not waterproof.

The little owl was said to have night vision but ended up not having it at all.

Finally, instead of the eight animations (such as eyes blinking or the "owl" appearing sleepy if it is low on charge), the little camera got 50 animations to show battery life, when taking screen shots, recording, and recording sound.