• Hannah Jo Claire

'Fortnite' new unidentified block appears

Season 6 of "Fortnite" has had many surprises to come within the season, from the rocket launching to the big rift in the sky.

The surprising addition to the map this week has been a massive purple cube right at the lighting strike location. The cube was the last thing to come out of the rift before it disappeared. There have been rumors that the huge cube will be relocated to loot lake, and once it activates, the map will signal some huge changes.

No one has any clue of what the enormous block is or even what it does. If you go to the purple cube and try shooting or even throwing grenades at it, it can damage your health or even cause death, according to IGN.com.

"Fortnite Intel" has reported that the massive purple cube deaths may include clues. Dying from shooting or throwing grenades at the purple cube will notify the player. The notification will say that you "got too close," and then a white box will appear that will flash through a series of glyph's. Sometimes the glyph could appear during the game on your screen when they approach the screen and also may appear on the cube.

The cube has many different uses. If you stand close enough to the cube, it will grant players a buff amount of shield as long as you are close enough to earn it. The cube can also be used as a giant trampoline.