• Camron Davis

Couple ordered by judge to give GoFundMe campaign money to homeless man

In Burlington, N.J., a judge ordered Katie McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, to give “whatever’s left of the $400,000 they raised” to homeless Johnny Bobbitt Jr., according to NBC News.

USA Today reported that “Bobbitt became famous after he gave his last $20 to McClure, who was stranded in Philadelphia. McClure and D’Amico then started a GoFundMe campaign to repay Bobbitt’s generosity. It raised over $400,000 from more than 14,000 donors.”

The couple claimed that they have given Bobbitt $200,000, while Bobbitt’s lawyer claims to only have received $75,000.

According to WPVI, Bobbitt stated in an interview that McClure and D’Amico “had complete control over his money and they used thousands of it to go on lavish trips, shopping sprees and gambling.”

“The case went to a New Jersey court on Thursday, where a judge ruled the couple needs to provide a full accounting of where the money has gone and said until then the remaining money needs to be turned over to Bobbitt’s legal team and kept in a trust,” according to CNN.

The couple has been under heavy fire from media, but during an interview with ‘"Megyn Kelly Today," they were concerned he would use the money on drugs due to Bobbitt’s previous addiction. “We saw the pattern that was developing… that he was going to do something foolish and end up right back where he was,” D’Amico stated.

ABC reported that Ernest Badway, the couple’s attorney, said that “they have received death threats since the scandal.”

“Please don’t rush to judgment, when you see the numbers that we’re talking about are not that far off,” Badway says.